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Juke Box Stuff (Page 2)

A 1954 Wurlitzer Model 1700 Jukebox

"Introducing the amazing new carousel record changer plus breathtaking High Fidelity sound which takes the mask off the music ... the Wurlitzer 1700 is not only masterfully designed to be the centre of all eyes in any location - but engineered for earning power. Look at it ! Listen to it! You'll vote it the greatest Wurlitzer of all time!

The first Wurlitzer to use the "Carousel" changer Mechanism specially designed for forty-five rpm records and played 104 selections from both sides of 52 records.

Height 55.5",
Width 32",
Depth 27".
Weight approx 310 lbs

This unit originally belonged to my friend, Bernie Gaucher.  We met at NAIT back in the early 70's while attending the Electronics Technician program.  Someone owed Bernie some money and couldn't come up with the cash so he offered Bernie this juke box instead.  The thing was all in pieces (it's modular) as someone had been trying to get it going.  The only thing that actually worked when we got everything plugged in was the lights.  We spent the first few weeks studying the pieces and how they interacted, trying to make sense of the whole thing.  As we learned about the various components in our classes we applied our new knowledge to sorting out issues with the electronics of the juke box.  We mapped out all the wiring in the amplifier to make a schematic and discovered that the reason the amplifier wasn't working was  because without the speaker connection, there was no ac power going to the power supply as  the smoothing choke for the power supply was actually the electromagnet for the speaker!  There were a few other challenges along the way, but by the time we were finished our course we had the juke box ready for our graduation party.

Bernie and I took turns having the juke box - a year at my place a year at his place etc until Bernie moved to Hinton and I moved to Medicine Hat.  I wound up with the juke box for the next 20 years until I finally bought the unit from Bernie a few years ago.