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I have been a model railroader ever since my son received an HO train set as a Christmas gift from my youngest brother.  We set it up on my Dad's pool table and it just went around and around.  As soon as we got back home I put two sheets of plywood together in an "L" shape and started buying more stuff.  That part has been going on for nearly 30 years now (the buying part that is).  Here's a couple of shots of my current layout.  It's supposedly a section of CP mainline somewhere in the Alberta foot hills with a Northern Alberta branch line feeding a coal mining town in the ealry 1960's.

It's early morning and we are looking west down Main Street in the town of Hillside towards the mine.  Elson Industries in the foreground is named after my buddy Dave who helps me with my layout and also helps me with my cars.  You can tell it's a calm morning by the smoke rising almost straight up from the smokestack.                                         
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