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This is a shot of a juke box I rebuilt for my uncle Johnny Kerswell.  It only played one side of the records.  Once they had all dropped, it lifted them all up and started over again. You couldn't choose your song, you just had to take whatever was the next one to drop.  The information below the picture was ripped off from http://tomszone.com It's a good source information on all makes of jukeboxes.  Check them out
Ristaucrat 45 - 1950
Ristaucrat, Inc was located at 1216 E. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton, Wisconsin, USA and announced the 45 Non-Selective Ristaucrat in Billboard Magazine on June 24, 1950. Initially, over 1200 were placed on location and production was stepped up to 100 per day per "press releases". The Ristaucrat 45 was available in either light or dark hardwood finish. According to the manufacturer, it "Plays 12-45 RPM Records, restacks automatically ... is set for 5 cent play or 2 for 5 cents ... is lightweight, weighs only 30 lbs. Measures a compact 12" high, 12 3/4" deep and 16" high" The known serial number range (only 4 data points) for this model ranges from 1099 to 3435. Given a conservative estimate based on known serial numbers, then only 2400 were produced, it is more likely that the serial number range started at 0001, so an estimated production of 3400+ can be assumed.

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