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Easy Balance Rotisserie

It took 2 solid weekends and about 6 or 7 weeknights to turn this pile of  pre-cut pieces into what you see below.  Having the metal shop pre-cut the material as per the cutting list really saved a lot of time.  We had a little assembly line setup with one guy marking and another guy drilling holes for most of a Saturday and still did not get all the holes drilled.  The plans for this unit are very clear and well documented.  There are numerous tips included and it pays to follow them.  
I am really happy with the way this thing turned out so that's why I am putting a link to where you can get your own plans.  I plan to put some better pictures up here soon but for now, go check out the link below and you can get an idea as to the quality of the plans.  You can't beat the price that's for sure and the guy is quick to deliver.

Link to Ebay listing for plans
This is a link to an ebay sale item which expires from time to time. If it doesn't take you where you want then do a search in Google for "Easy Balance Rositsserie".