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My Chevelle (page2) 


When I got the car, the interior looked pretty good except for the fact that almost all the plastic chrome parts had the chrome shine worn off due to years of cleaning and shining.  The glove box was stained and broken, the clock wasn't working and there were wires running over the carpet from the dash to the console.  The package tray was water stained, scratched and warped and the insulation was missing under the shelf and so was the divider and insulation between the back seat and the trunk.  The sun visors wouldn't stay up The radio had an intermittent problem that was causing it to go on and off and the heater blower only had one speed. The car came with new arm rest bases but I had to buy the chrome bezels around the speedo, radio and the one above the glove box, a new dome light base, vent window handles, inserts for the sun visors, a/c vent balls, package tray & insulation, seat divider & insulation, new clock, plastic transmission shift slider, new glove box, glove box latch, glove box light wiring harness and socket.    When the parts for the dash came in, I discovered that it was easier to install them if the dash was taken out.  With the dash out I discovered that there weren't any hoses connecting the blower and the vents so I installed some nice new plastic ones that have that "new" smell when you run the heater.  There were a few other things missing under the dash that were in a parts box that came with the car, so I installed those as well and fixed the stiff heater controls at the same time.  There were some new rubber bumpers for the bucket seat bottoms in the spare parts box which I installed and lastly, I sanded and re-painted the metal seat backs.  I have finally picked up the "bullet" ends for the chrome trim on the seat perimeters which I hope to install soon.