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Bel Air Page

This is a 1962 Bel Air  " Tie Clip Edition".  Apparently there were about 1500 of these bodies left over at the end of the production run, and someone decided that it would help move these out if they created a special edition.  So, the dash was padded, a little extra chrome was added and the ignition key was a tie clip right from the factory.  This car came with that key which I still have.  I haven't been able to verify this story with GM Canada or a high profile Chevy publication.   When contacted, they were not aware of any such promotion.  I acquired this unit as a parts car for  my Impala and have robbed all the locks out of this unit for the other car. So now I have an Impala "tie clip edition".  Apparently this was a daily driver up until about 2000 when someone ran into the right rear quarter and the owner finally parked it.  When I got to it, the windshield had a few bullet holes in it, the windshield wiper motor and most of the emblems were gone and it was over run with mice.  I was able to salvage some chrome, inner fenders, heater motor, heater core and some dash parts.  The unit was not too hard to start up and once the oil got circulating it purred like a kitten. I think it was a 235 cu in in line 6 with a 3 spd standard on the tree. Motor has been sold but still have transmission and clutch and doors and glass  etc if you need some.    

You have to think that the neighbors were pretty excited to see a classic like this land on a driveway in their neighborhood?          


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